Project Spotlight: OC Office - Retail and Hospitality MEP

Our PBS Engineers’ OC Office excels in providing top-tier Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering solutions, particularly in the retail and hospitality sectors. These industries require a balance between aesthetic appeal and technical precision, ensuring optimal customer experiences while maintaining visual harmony. A prime example of our expertise is the Blu Nail Bar & Spa, a high-end retail store in Newport Beach, CA.

The Blu Nail Bar & Spa project involved a MEP tenant improvement for an upscale nail salon, presenting unique challenges. Achieving proper air balance, especially in areas with high concentrations of nail polish fumes, was essential to minimize odor transfer and maintain a comfortable environment.

Concealing extensive plumbing systems for various fixtures and spa room chairs, while coordinating with high-end architectural elements, added to the complexity. PBS ‘engineering solutions included implementing a dedicated exhaust system for acrylic rooms, exceeding code minimums for ventilation rates, and strategically routing ductwork above ceiling structures to preserve the salon’s open, high-ceiling aesthetic.

Our team also utilized linear diffusers to blend seamlessly with the architectural finishes and selected high-efficiency lighting to enhance product displays. Innovative plumbing solutions included individual backflow prevention and high-end fixtures with island venting, contributing to the salon’s upscale feel.

The successful completion of the Blu Nail Bar & Spa project demonstrated

 our team’s ability to integrate MEP systems with the store’s design that further enhances the nail salon experience. Client satisfaction with both functionality and appearance underscored our commitment to WOW!

At PBS Engineers, we aim to create exceptional spaces in the retail and hospitality sectors. The Blu Nail Bar project exemplifies our dedication to delivering outstanding MEP solutions that WOW every time!